Making research accessible and stimulating critical reflection through video: engaging heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black men in community responses to HIV in Ontario (SRC FUNDED)

Funding Program: SRC Funded

Research Team: Winston  Husbands, Michael Antwi, Fanta Ongoïba, Valérie Pierre-Pierre, Henry Luyombya, and Wesley Oakes


In 2011 a team comprising researchers, service providers and policy makers from organizations affiliated with the African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO) implemented the iSpeak study to understand the HIV-related need, challenges and priorities of heterosexual African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) men in Ontario.  The subsequent KTE activities have included publication of a community report, organizing a stakeholder consultation to share the results and determine next steps, and numerous presentations to program practitioners, policy makers and researchers.  A subset of the original iSpeak team is now proposing to develop a series of 3-4 short videos to disseminate the priority findings and inspire critical reflection and action on HIV and health among heterosexual ACB men in Ontario.  The videos (6-8 minutes each) will be disseminated through YouTube and the websites of ACCHO and its affiliated agencies throughout Ontario,; as well, a small number will be available on DVD for use in community settings.  The video series is consistent with some the recommendations that emerged from iSpeak, namely, to institute deliberate initiatives to engage ACB men in community responses to HIV, and to reflect men’s issues and potential contributions in the efforts to address HIV among ACB communities.

Program: Research