Our History

The SRC is funded by The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) HIV/AIDS Research Initiative. As part of its strategic plan for 2008-2013, the CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Advisory Committee (CHARAC) developed a research agenda which led to the launch in 2007 of the Centres for Population Health and Health Sciences Research Development in HIV/AIDS program. The purpose of this funding opportunity was to enable the development of an integrated network of Centres specializing in HIV/AIDS health services and policy research and research on social, cultural and environmental determinants affecting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This program addresses several of the priority areas in the HIV Initiative Strategic Plan: Health Systems, Services and Policy; and Resilience, Vulnerability and Determinants of Health. It announced two funding streams: a general stream and an Aboriginal stream, the latter in collaboration with the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health.

Program’s objectives:

  • Foster the national coordination of research efforts
  • Develop strategic research programs and secure research funding
  • Foster meaningful relationships between researchers and with research users
  • Build capacity in HIV/AIDS research
  • Foster and support the translation of knowledge
  • Address Aboriginal population-specific research and knowledge translation needs

Two Centres have been funded for five years (2009-2014), both in the general stream of the competition:

  1. CIHR Centre for Social research in HIV Prevention (SRC), at the University of Toronto’s Department of Public Health Sciences.
  2. CIHR Centre for REACH (Research Evidence into Action for Community Health) in HIV/AIDS, at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and St. Michael’s Hospital/University of Toronto.

No applications were funded in the Aboriginal stream of the program. However, the funded Centres have both incorporated Aboriginal-specific research into their programming. As well, CIHR may be addressing any gaps in Aboriginal-specific research through other means.