Are you new to the world of dabbing? For a novice, navigating through the world of dab accessories can be very difficult. One needs to have a proper idea about dab nails and vaporizing devices, in order o get the best vaping experience.

One device which is making headlines is e-nail. In order to understand the beauty of the enails Canada, you will need to go through the rest of the blog.

Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates

 When one plans to dab cannabis concentrates, achieving temperature consistency is important. If the temperature is too cold then the dab will start to pool at the base of the nail. Thereby, it won’t provide any vapor. On the other end, if the temperature is too hot, then the dab will smell as hot melted plastic.

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Achieving Optimum Temperature

 The job of achieving optimal temperature was left for butane torch. Although the torch could easily heat the nails; they failed to provide a dependable temperature. Hence, dabber had to wait till the desired temperature was reached. However, disasters were very common with butane torches.

Technological Advancement

 Dabbers are thanking to technological advancement in order to get the best effect of the cannabis concentrates. They are making use of enails Canada in order to get the best dabbing experience.

Understanding Enail

The Electronic Nail also known as e-nail is a vaporizing device that provides a constant temperature for vaporizing concentrates. The technology behind which e-nail works is very simple.enails canada

E-nail comes in the form of a box which comprises of units. The units are made up of controller box that delivers heat via the coils. The coils are directly connected with the nails. The box comes with a set of buttons that allows controlling the temperature of the nail. Hence, a dabber can easily regulate the heating of the rig.

Dabbers can make use of an e-nail in order to dab their cannabis concentrates. Unlike the traditional method of heating knives over the stoves to inhale drugs or herbs, enails Canada offers modern way of vaporization. Basically, dabbers will simply need to turn on the unit and assign their chosen temperature. Once the box indicates the assigned temperature has been reached, users can start their dabbing. The best thing is that dabbers won’t have to worry about temperature fluctuation anymore.


E-nails offer a lot of benefits. Apart from exceptional temperature control, it waives the need to depend on butane torch for regular input. Secondly, as they need less power to operate, it lasts for a long time. They are easy to carry.

E-nails Not For Everyone

Well, enails Canada are not for everyone. The e-nail devices can channel temperature up to 1000° F and above. Hence, one should know the perfect way to operate the device. If the user doesn’t have a certain presence of mind while operating it, accidents can happen. The device shouldn’t be left open. The device holding a fire hazard should be handled carefully.

Devices like enails Canada allow dabbers to enjoy unlimited amount of dabs within a short span. Dabbers can also tweak the flavors according to their choice with this e-nail. Hence, this device is suitable for those who want to enjoy cannabis concentrates for a long time.

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