• The SRC incorporate a multi-level approach to prevention research (biomedical, behavioural, social-structural).
  • Our projects offer a broader understanding of the root causes of HIV risk, vulnerability, and resiliency as socially (re-)produced concepts that are influenced by history, policy, and legislation.
  • Our integrated programs of research identify the most effective points of intervention by examining how practices, motivations and contexts, which increase the likelihood of HIV transmission, are also open to social transformation and change.
  • Our Team members are leading Canadian experts in qualitative, quantitative and community-based research.
  • We are committed to generating new knowledge and methodological innovation in critical social science, interdisciplinary collaboration, and HIV intervention and evaluation research.

About This Site

The SRC is funded by The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) HIV/AIDS Research Initiative. Our Mission is to advance HIV prevention efforts through novel approaches to social science research, capacity building and knowledge transfer and exchange.